Germans uncovered the Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series


N е passed also days since that moment as on the Network the first photo of top execution of the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG supercar — Black Series versions extended. In a picture the car was wrapped up in a black cover, and to tell something about the car it was resolutely impossible. And now the cover of secret is broken, and the most powerful es-el-esa version appeared before us in all beauty. The expanded body which speckled by air lines and has been plentifully seasoned with ugleplastikovy aerodynamic elements — the serial car outwardly appeared even more aggressive, than the test prototypes noticed earlier on tests. But comprehensively consider the car we can very soon — on motor show in Los Angeles, and now hands and are scratched to climb virtually to it under a cowl! What here with a technical stuffing?

In comparison with ordinary car at Black cерии a broad gage — on 20 mm in front of and on 24 mm behind. The Ugleplastikovy diffuzor between pairs of branch pipes of a titanic exhaust system — real, working, it is not simple an ukrashatelstvo. The transmission is displaced on 100 mm down for fall of the center of gravity. The place of mechanical "self-block" was occupied by the elektronnoupravlyaemy.

The suspension bracket at SLS AMG Black Series is more rigid, than at GT option, and differs a big range of adjustments.

First of all Black Series — is the increased return of the motor. "Horses" in atmospheric "eight" 6.2, as expected, became more — thanks to new cam-shafts, an inlet path, cooling and greasing system the engine is untwisted to 8000 rpm and gives out 622 h.p. instead of 583 forces as was at the SLS AMG GT version. And here torque figures, on the contrary, became slightly more modest — instead of former 648 N • m the engine develops "only" 634 "newtons". However together with decrease in weight of the car on 70 kg and transmission change-over for faster switchings all above-mentioned allowed to throw off 0,2 with in dispersal to 100 km/h (to 3,6 c). However the maximum speed at this version on 3 km/h is less — 315 km/h, the increased clamping force is guilty.

In salon dominates black алькантара, shaded by a bright red pro-line and inserts карбона. The central console is executed from an ugleplastikovy composite that too allowed to win back a little weight.

The method for a weight loss was chosen classical — a diet with the high contents углепластика and the titan. Replacement of seats with easier allowed to throw off 15 kg, and thanks to that the place of the lead-acid accumulator was occupied by the lithium-ion battery, the supercar facilitated on 8 kg. The exhaust system now completely titanic, it weighs only 17 kg that on 13 kg there is less than usual. The driveshaft is made from углепластика. A result — the mass of the car decreased to 1550 kg.

As the option "es-el-esu" from a Black series the additional package of aerodynamic elements including an adjustable back rear wing and plumage for a front bumper in style of DTM cars will be offered. These completions should increase clamping force for the speeds. And here composit karbonokeramichesky brake disks to the car are put already «in base». It is expected that the prices for the supercar declare on the official premiere of the car in Los Angeles for now there is only an assumption that figures on the price list will pass for 200 000 pounds, that is more than 10 000 000 rubles.