The crossover of Mercedes-Benz GLA left to submit roads and not only

About an egment of compact cars in the world grows before the eyes. And especially that its part which hints at some off-road abilities. Shtutgarttsa did not stand aside and went on checked by colleagues on way shop, having added the off-road ruler with the initial GLA model. Her official debut will take place on the motor show in Frankfurt, however some technical details and photos of a novelty are available already now.

Overall dimensions of a novelty: 4417? 1804? 1494 mm. One of few, not opened while indicators — a road gleam.

In particular, it is known that the new crossover will be equipped optionally with new generation of system of a full drive 4Matic. Here the block of selection of capacity is integrated into a transmission 7G-DCT, and in a drive of back wheels electrohydraulic multidisk coupling is established. Such configuration provides variable distribution of a torque between axes, and the gross weight of system decreases.

The forward panel and seats of a crossover of GLA one in one repeat those at the A-class, differ unless some materials of furnish.

At a choice of an off-road operating mode of transmission the algorithm of gear shifting and a response of the engine to gas change. Thus on the display of multimedia system the indications specific to driving on off road terrain are displayed. Such as a compass, indicators of an angle of rotation of wheels, a cross-section bias in degrees and longitudinal as a percentage. Certainly, about overcoming of heavy off road terrain speech does not go, so the graphics has rather entertaining character. Also there is an assistant at descent from a hill.

Backs of back seats are regulated on an inclination. The luggage carrier contains from 421 l of load at the spread-out chairs to 836 l at the combined.

Among the novelties concerning safety, it is possible to note the advanced electroamplifier of a wheel. Here it is stuck in a complex with stabilization system. Thanks to this GLA can independently suppress drift and trajectory change at movement on a diverse covering not only a selective podtormazhivaniye of wheels, but also active actions рулём. Plus to it it is trained to resist to a lateral wind and to compensate car withdrawals at a cross-section bias of a road cloth.

Initially to a crossover of GLA four engines are allocated. In two petrol volume of 1,6 and 2,0 l give out 156 and 211 h.p. respectively. Diesel motors on versions 200 CDI and 220 CDI develop 136 and 170 h.p. The most economic motor — a younger diesel engine — consumes only 4,3 l/100 of km.

Orders for GLA will start to be accepted in November of this year, and the first "live" cars will appear in show-rooms only in the 2014th. Closer to start of sales it is possible to wait and announcements of the prices, and the most detailed information on model should be published in September, during a premiere.

To estimate a new parketnik in movement it is possible in an official roller.