The compartment of Mercedes-AMG C of 63 S became the most dynamic C-class

In this in some days after a premiere of a compartment of a C-class Germans presented its "hot" options — Mercedes-AMG C of 63 Coupe and C 63 S Coupe. As well as on a sedan with the versatile person with the same index, the "biturbovosmyorka" 4.0 which is giving out 476 h.p. and 650 N • to m here is established (on the version S — 510 h.p. and 700 N • м). Seven-step "robot" of AMG SpeedShift MCT added the engine.

Behind there was a similar diffuzor and a quartet of exhaust branch pipes, as on a sedan of C 63. The black spoiler is brightly allocated. The inflated wheel arches made the car is wider than a usual compartment on 64 mm in front of 66 mm behind.

At present the model C 63 S Coupe is most dynamic "tseshka". Let’s remember, what even a sedan with the versatile person of C 63 with the 476-strong motor do not concede to a 517-strong compartment of C 63 AMG Black Series of last generation. It was dispersed from a place to one hundred for 4,2 pages. What to speak about a new dvukhdverka. It is required by C 510 "horses" to it only 3,9 with for dispersal to one hundred, from 476 h.p. — 4,0 pages. At a sedan the C 63rd spurt — 4,0 and 4,1 with respectively.

In the combined cycle C 63 S Coupe and C 63 Coupe spend 8,6–8,9 l/100 of km, and it more than at the versatile person in a similar complete set. Fuel consumption depends on tires. For example, in "base" at C 63 S Coupe of the tire dimension of 255/35 R19 (in front) and 285/30 R19 (behind). C 63 — on inch have less diameter.

The curious result, after all is heavier than a compartment — the option C 63 S Coupe possesses the equipped mass of 1800 kg (exactly so much — at the versatile person with the same motor), and the same chetyryokhdverka of C 63 S weighs only 1730. The secret of dynamics of a compartment consists in wider tires, capable to realize big draft on start, and in the truncated main transfer (by the way, on C 63 the mechanical self-blocked differential is established, on C 63 S — elektronnoupravlyaemy). Maksimalka of a compartment does not differ from a sedan: 250 km/h by default and 290 km/h with the removed electronic limiter.

M4 GTS concept becomes soon serial car (on a photo such prototype). It will have about 500 h.p. and weight a little more than one and a half tons. For certain such compartment will argue in dispersal with C 63 S Coupe.

In salon — any surprises. We saw the same on the "charged" sedan.

The chassis with adaptive shock-absorbers as a whole to identically "hot" sedan and the versatile person, but is differences. For example, the back suspension bracket was finished specially for a compartment. Here the эластокинематика, is more track and negative disorder, settings differ also. There is a switch of modes of the chassis and AMG Dynamic Select transmission with a variety of programs — from economic to racing, plus individual. The new compartment will celebrate a premiere on September 15 on the Frankfurt motor show, and on the market will get in March, 2016.