In the Mercedes company reflected on release of a pickup

In a model range of the Mercedes company there is a set of different cars. Shtutgarttsa even recently became legislators of a fashion, having let out a sedan of CLS and the versatile person of CLS Shooting Brake which appeared unique in own way. But now Germans do not let out a pickup. It seems that the situation can shortly change: there were hearings that release of such car not far off.

Germans plan to recustomize a suspension bracket of a pickup of Nissan Titan.

Mersedesovtsa are not going to develop a pickup from a zero. According to preliminary information, Nissan Titan pickup will be taken for a basis. In fact, it will be a bedzh-engineering fruit, the car will receive a new reshyotka of a radiator with a three-beam star, probably, other headlights of head light. An interior will subject to rather appreciable processing, having made it corresponding to other line of Mercedes. Emergence and hybrid updating is not excluded.