The concept of Mercedes-Benz IAA debuts in Frankfurt

To an ompaniye of Mercedes will show in Frankfurt the mysterious show car under the name Concept IAA. Letters mean «the intellectual aero dynamic car» (Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile). The abbreviation coincides and with reduction of the Frankfurt auto show (Internationale Automobil Ausstellung). The word "aero dynamic" is added not casually: the factor of resistance is declared to air 0,19.

At small-scale "drop" of Volkswagen XL1 (2013, at the left above) though on a drop, but is better — 0,189. The American device Aptera (2007) prepared for a series, but to it not reached, possessed factor 0,15. And the concept of Ford Probe V (1985, on the right) which shape is created in Ghia studio, at all struck contemporaries with value of factor 0,137.

Germans say that the car will allow «to glance in the car future». Still it is promised that before us «a bright example of impressing possibilities of development of the digital products, illustrating the main technological changes in automotive industry». Recently it became known that the Daimler concern intends to develop a subject of electromobiles actively. It is quite probable that IAA concept will be electric also. All details will be opened in the next few hours.


Though the attention of admirers of brand is absorbed for a long time by new generation of an E-class (we saw it in espionage pictures and to be published it should at the beginning of the next year), the company continues to entice buyers the previous models. Just compartments and a cabriolet of an E-class received the new Sport Edition version. The buyer will find black leather chairs in salon with a dark blue or gray pro-line, furnish by aluminum, pedals from a stainless steel with rubber thorns, a tryokhspitsevy wheel with alkantary. It is possible to order beige skin наппа and a black ash-tree. And only for Sport Edition the special shade of dark blue "metallic" is offered.

Shildik Sport Edition on wings means the following features: changed a bumper, thresholds and a spoiler from AMG, two trapezoid exhaust branch pipes, sports springs and shock-absorbers, light-alloy wheels of AMG (18 inches), the punched forward brake disks and supports with Mercedes-Benz inscriptions.

Besides, Germans prepared special versions of a cabriolet and V8 Edition compartment. They are based on updating Е 500 with 408-strong "eight" and equipped with 19-inch rims of AMG recustomized by a suspension bracket and changed by the Sport program in "machine gun", salon furnish by "porcelain" or red skin наппа with a contrast pro-line. At the same time with an exit of these special editions all E-classes received a number of improvements, for example, Apple CarPlay and MirrorLink systems.