The first parameters of a chetyryokhdverka of Mercedes S 65 AMG


In full accordance with traditions curious informal data appeared in the Network where before any statements of the company. The Mercedes-Benz Passion resource argues: the sedan of S 65 AMG will receive the V12 motor with return of 630 h.p. and 1000 N • m. This engine will be combined with seven-step transmission of AMG Speedshift MCT and will allow a new sedan to gain hundred kilometers per hour from a place no more than in four seconds (exact data will appear, of course, later).

Germans consider as the far predecessor of a S-class the Mercedes-Simplex 60 hp model of 1904. It was equipped with the four-cylinder motor in volume of 9,24 l which actually developed 70 h.p. that allowed to reach speeds of 120 km/h. For those times it were just fine parameters for the large and magnificent car. Besides, on representations of the beginning of the XX century, that car had rather low center of gravity so on high speeds she behaved absolutely not bad. This model 25 000 of gold brands (about 130 000 euros for modern money) cost. The copy on a photo belonged to businessman Emil Ellinek who played an important role in development of the Daimler company and which name of the daughter — Mercedes — and became a world famous brand.

Average fuel consumption of a novelty is predicted at level of 11,6 l/100 of km. Also, on hearings, the powerful S-class will receive Magic Body Control suspension bracket. Other data leakages while are not present, unless (January, 2014) and receipt date on the market (March of the 2014th) are designated booking start date. Well and for representation of the way passed by Mercedes we told you about the predecessor of the most powerful «эски», otstoyashchy from it for 110 years a little.