The cabriolet of Mercedes-Benz of a S-class appeared at once in different options

П еред the Frankfurt auto show Germans did not begin to delay presentation of new model by name of Mercedes-Benz S-Class Cabriolet. Open magnificent four-seater Mercedes first since 1971 received three-layer soft top which can be ordered in black, dark blue, beige and dark red flowers. The roof is transformed for 20 with at the speed up to 60 km/h. To transform top it is possible and from the remote panel.

From 1961 to 1971 the Mercedes-Benz company let out 7013 cabriolets of updatings of 220 SE, 250 SE, 280 SE and 280 SE 3.5 (the W 111 series, on a photo), and also 300 SE of the related W 112 series. These are the latest open models in a S-class family tree.

The car is equipped with the automated partition between the main luggage compartment and a zone where the top is located. This partition itself moves at roof activation, but is blocked, if on a course of its movement there is a cargo. At the lifted top "wall" can be removed, having pressed the button on an internal upholstery of a luggage carrier, thereby having increased volume under load.

The star on a luggage carrier turns and serves for manual opening of a compartment, and also as a cover for a rear-view camera or the circular review.

In the form of options opened «эска» it is equipped with system of reduction of turbulences of air in AirCap salon and heating of area of a neck of Airscarf, heating of armrests (in the doorway and central), back chairs. And intellectual "climate" means that the driver does not need to change settings for the lifted/cleaned top.

Thermotronic system electronics itself considers change of a configuration of a roof, providing constancy of temperature. It is guided by indications of 12 sensors. It not only temperature in several points inside and outside, but even level of solar radiation.

Technically the cabriolet almost repeats a compartment (in any case in a body — 60 % of the general details). Thus on the S 500 version the same motor V8 4.7 (455 h.p., 700 N • м), that on a sedan with a similar index is established. But instead of "machine gun" 7G-Tronic Plus on the open version newer unit 9G-Tronic works. Fuel consumption in the combined cycle of such updating — 8,5 l/100 of km. For a cabriolet Airmatic pneumosuspension bracket is standard. Besides, it equipped with a full package of systems of the help to the driver — from detection of pedestrians before night vision, from automatic braking before preventive protection of passengers of Pre-Safe Plus.

Many efforts were spent for decrease in noise level (a double glazing, aerodynamic guards under the bottom). Factor of resistance to air — 0,29.

About that the cabriolet of a S-class will have a "charged" version, it became known thanks to tests of the disguised prototype. A surprise that Germans decided to present the Mercedes-AMG S 63 4Matic Cabriolet model at the same time with a usual cabriolet. "Biturbovosmyorka" 5.5 gives out here 585 h.p. and 900 N • to m, and the full drive helps with dispersal from a place to one hundred for 3,9 pages. Exactly for the same time S 63 4Matic compartment is accelerated. Thus the open colleague possesses the equipped mass of 2185 kg (with the driver and fuel), and closed — 2070.

The "hot" cabriolet spends 10,4 l/100 of km. Maksimalka is limited to electronics at level of 250 km/h. As well as the "charged" compartment, a cabriolet of S 63 can be full – and rear-wheel.

However, 115 kg — not so a big difference (only five percent). Designers tried to reduce cabriolet weight almost to compartment level. For the first time on «эске» from aluminum the back part of a floor is executed, and the difficult partition between salon and a luggage carrier is cut out from various profiles and the cast details consisting of aluminum and magnesium.

The new cabriolet became the sixth option of a body in esok family. On a photo: usual S-Class, Mercedes-AMG S 65 LWB, Mercedes-Maybach S-Class, Mercedes-Maybach S 600 Pullman, S-Class Coupe and S-Class Cabriolet.

In the lower part of a body there were additional amplifiers. Germans do not open rigidity of a design, but say that it is identical to last compartment of S (that is CL). All this is aimed at the best controllability and big safety. By the way, automatic protective arches behind back head restraints on Mercedes received for the first time a pyrotechnic drive. The first cabriolets will get to buyers only in the spring of the 2016th (exact date is not designated) though orders will start to accept this year.