Lighter of Mercedes A 45 AMG struck rivals in capacity

N eofitsialny information on the "charged" execution of a pyatidverka of A-Class from AMG studio already gradually leaked to the Web, but the reality surpassed all expectations: 360 h.p. and 450 N • m — were removed by magicians from Affalterbakh from two-liter "turbochetvyorka" with the direct injection, established on a hatchback so much. It is the most powerful serial four-cylinder engine in the world, the company assures. Thus the unit from BlueDIRECT family appeared surprisingly economic. The novelty spends in the mixed European cycle of only 5,75 l/100 of km and besides corresponds to norms on Euro-6 exhaust.

The profile of a hatchback is decorated with inserts on thresholds «the opaque gray titan». The chromeplated branch pipes of an exhaust system together with a color diffuzor «the gray titan» are standard equipment, but depending on optional packages appearance of this part of a body can be corrected.

New DVS is constructed taking into account long work in intense conditions. The office of AMG presented to it very developed system of cooling with application of components from the SLS AMG supercar (we will remind, that under a cowl has "eight" on 6,2 liters). The high-efficiency water interkuler cooling compressed air after the turbokompressor with a double snail is here too put. Special attention to this part of the motor easily explainably: pressure of pressurization here reaches to 1,8 bars, and the specific capacity makes 181 h.p. on liter.

In salon of a hatchback sports seats of c by an imitation leather of Artico and Dinamica microfiber and with a red contrast pro-line are established. The forward panel under uglevolokno is topped with the screen of multimedia system with the menu from AMG.

That it was breathed to "four" even easier, an exhaust system built in the special operated valve which situation is regulated by electronics depending on pressing of a pedal of gas, level of the actual loading and DVS turns. Such system familiar on SLK of 55 AMG, provides balance between productivity and acoustic comfort, and by sharp pressing a pedal of gas allows the engine to growl at full blast that should supplement impression of acceleration.

In a standard complete set the pyatidverka of A 45 AMG is delivered with tires dimension of 235/40 R18, but for surcharge Germans will establish R19 rubber 235/35, certainly, with the corresponding light-alloy wheels.

With such mighty "heart" (by the way, manual assembly), seven-step "robot" of AMG Speedshift DCT c three programs of management and a manual mode, and also with a new full drive of A 45 AMG shows simply enviable dynamics. Dispersal time from scratch to one hundred at the beginner equally 4,6 seconds, and it on the one tenth quicker, than, for example, at BMW M135i xDrive. The maximum speed of A 45 AMG is traditionally limited to electronics at level of 250 km/h.

The suspension bracket of a novelty was very seriously processed. Actually AMG speaks about development of a lobby and a back axis anew. All эластокинематика was reconsidered, levers received more rigid plugs, and, of course, to such A-class picked up other springs and shock-absorbers, rather than on the usual version. The aggravated controllability and the minimum lists is as a result received.

One more interesting stroke of the beginner — three-level electronic system of the stabilization, allowing to choose between the safest driving, a sports mode with the weakened control and ESP blackout for the closed tracks. The assistant to passing of turns of Curve Dynamic Assist who very delicate podtormazhivaniye of an internal wheel helps to keep control of the car supplements this ESP. The hatchback on the one hand embodying traditions of AMG left such, and with another — allowed studio to step on the territory of a compact class new to.