Germans conceived to let out bebi Gelendvagen

To t op-managers Mercedes-Benz can give already soon green light to the project which is conditionally called by baby G-wagen or mini-G. Insiders testify: model which, possibly, will receive GLG index, it is supposed to create on the MFA platform. It is divided now by Mercedes A – and a B-class, and also with might and main tested crossover of GLA. However, unlike next "relatives", the parketnik of GLG will be much more angular and box-shaped by sight. It as if will continue Gelendvagen’s tradition, only adjusted for the XXI century.

The exit of the GLA model is planned for 2014. But while we can please you with only foreign render.

The hypothetical device carrying intra factory designation of X156, will be above "colleague" of GLA. It will have more vertical glasses and for certain the best geometrical passableness. Sources in the company argue that GLG will get such characteristic features of legendary model G, as povorotnik above "wings" and hanging on a vertical back door запаска. The beginner borrows engines at And – and B-classes that means at least two petrol and two diesel units in several options of a forsirovka (from 109 to 211 h.p.). Besides, the scale will be filled up by GLG version of 45 AMG with 350 "horses" under a cowl both the recustomized suspension bracket and a steering.

Engineers will organize a full drive via the Haldex coupling. And still the initial front-wheel updating which, it seems, is not matching serious external shape of a crossover is expected. And still GLG will be positioned as more fighting device, rather than streamline GLA. Moreover, in rivals of GLG already designate one more only the expected car. That should replace the present slogger of Land Rover Defender. If everything develops, as is conceived, GLG will appear in the middle of 2015.