G 500 4×4 SUV? the shestikolyosnik

will replace to gourmets

Д the vukhosny option of the monster of G 63 AMG 6×6 was noticed on tests even last autumn, and now the company opened a secret: it prepared G 500 4×4 concept?, most approached to the serial car. Germans consider a novelty as "a tryokhosnik deprived of one axis», instead of it is simple serial Gelendevagen’s development. From here and key decisions — portal bridges, on two blocks a spring shock-absorber on each wheel (and in such pair one shock-absorber usual, and the second — adaptive), the track increased by 299 mm (to 1774 mm), huge wheels.

By default models will be put tires by dimension of 325/55 R22, but for fans of impassable dirt will offer off-road tires 37 x 12,5 x 18, the pressure adapted for the maximum stravlivaniye (rims are equipped with the rings clips of beadlock which are not allowing rubber to slide off).

In comparison with the serial G 500 SUV the road clearance at a novelty grew with 210 to 450 mm, an entrance corner — with 36 to 52 degrees, congress — with 27 to 54, depth of the ford — with 600 to 1000 mm. The all-terrain vehicle height (2,25 m) and width (2,10 m) — sharply allocate it from a train of colleagues of a G-class, and here wheel base standard — 2850 mm.

The constant full drive and three differentials with blocking do not leave doubts in off-road abilities of the car. However shock-absorbers operated by electronics allow to pass turns dashingly. The driver can choose the Sports mode, and in that case behavior of the car on the highway will be more similar to sport car habits — founders of model assure. By the way, with sports Mercedes the novelty has still something the general.

Salon pictures while are not present, but magnificent registration is promised: black skin with a white pro-line, microfiber.

Unlike tryokhosny G 63 AMG 6×6 which sported "turbovosmyorka" 5.5, the G 500 4×4 models? the latest unit V8 4.0 with pair of turbokompressor in block disorder, direct injection with pyezoforsunka, a covering of Nanoslide cylinders is established. Obviously, before us Mercedes-AMG GT supercar "heart", only deforsirovanny to 422 h.p. The destiny of a novelty will depend on public reaction in Geneva though the serial future of a concept of very few people doubts. According to informal data, the company intends to stop release in the Austrian Graz the G 63 AMG 6×6 models. Promised from the very beginning of hundred copies appeared are sold before expected term. Now the place of the strange six-wheel device will be occupied by a dvukhosny novelty. Easier and fast, but not conceding in passableness. Thus it is possible to expect that the four-wheel relative of G 63 AMG 6×6 will appear also is more available.

German engineers say that relieved the heavy car of awkwardness of the SUV supposedly on behavior now it is rather ralliyny car, only with a big road clearance.