The sedan of Mercedes C-class opened the inner world

To aky we only did not see new Mercedes C-class: both in a camouflage, and without it. But still the public did not contemplate an interior of the car of the following generation. And now paparazzi photographed also it. Let in a pre-series look, but it is already possible to speak about something. For example, that the architecture — instead of corners was reversed and sides of the predecessor there were smooth lines. Inside at "tseshka" the new wheel, the display of multimedia system sticks out on a panel top as at younger models of Mercedes, and air lines became round. Generally, Mercedes C-class will be partially similar to a flagman S-class not only outside, but also inside.

Even «a protective suit» not in forces to hide that the fact that lamps and a trunk lid the S-class will be similar to a S-class. So already was with the W203 model which looked like the reduced copy of a sedan of W220.

The car becomes more almost in all respects. The length will pass for 4,6 m (now 4591 mm), and the wheel base, allegedly, will reach 2800 mm (now 2760). For feet passengers of the second row should receive more place, and the volume of a luggage carrier will increase with 475 to 500 l. The line of motors will consist generally from nadduvny "chetvyorok": diesel engine 2.1 (170, 204 and 231 force) and petrol units 1.6 (156) and 2.0 (184, 211 and 252). At scale top — atmospheric V-shaped "six" 3.0 (333 "horses"). And, certainly, in pair to all motors will send familiar, but slightly upgraded seven-band "machine gun" 7G-Tronic.