The Mercedes AMG Vision Gran Turismo show car will mass-produce

M nude automakers took part in development of virtual cars for the game Gran Turismo 6. The majority of these cars and can remain in game. Such fate was avoided already by the Mercedes AMG Vision Gran Turismo supercar which after all was constructed, however, as full-scale model. And there was interesting information — the supercar will be started in small-scale production.

Two supercars are intended for Europe and the Middle East, and one — for the USA. Thus, as it is reported, one paid order already is.

This step ventured in the American firm J&S World Wide Holdings. The car will be constructed on the basis of Mercedes SLS AMG GT compartment. From the same model the novelty will manage also the power unit. The supercar will be given in movement 591-strong V8 6.3, working together with "robot". In total it is planned to let out five copies of an unusual dvukhdverka. Estimated price — $1,5 million.