Roadsters of Mercedes SLK and SL will become related

In a subsoil of the Mercedes-Benz company key decisions on future SLK and SL models are made. Both will be constructed on the general MSA platform (modular sports architecture) which design is at an early stage. And still, according to insiders, distinctions between roadsters it will be gathered, welcome not less than already is now. In particular, SLK will keep fidelity to a rigid harmonious roof, and here SL will pass to the soft top again gaining popularity and possessing a number of advantages.

For SLK the rigid top is some kind of card, after all in modern history this roadster was one of pioneers (we will remind, there was it in 1996). Soft top for SL — at all in wonder. The first four generations were equipped with fabric "cap" (though Germans offered demountable rigid top). Only in the fifth generation (2001) of model presented a metal harmonious roof.

Modern SLK as regards a suspension bracket is the relative to "tseshka", and SL — to a S-class. In the future this distinction will disappear, but SL will keep higher status, say, at the expense of an optional pneumosuspension bracket. Still cars will try as it is possible to dissolve more strongly in the field of design. And in scale of motors of differences it will be gathered much. Now SLK offers buyers of "four", V6 and V8 (184–421 h.p.). The successor the base should have new four-cylinder units (petrol on 238 h.p. and a 231-strong diesel engine). And in the senior complete set there will be a new thing: three-liter petrol ryadny "six" from the M256 series — the same that prepare for the following E-class. They will be adjusted on delivery 333, 375, 435 (on the AMG version) and 465 h.p. (Black Series).

MSA — extremely flexible "cart" allowing big variations on length, to width (track) and height of the car and even an arrangement of units. If necessary on it it will be possible to create even a sport car with a transmission carried to a back axis (transaxle scheme). And it means that if Mercedes-Benz after all will appropriate the Aston Martin company, future British compartments will receive as MSA basis. While experts Astana will continue VH platform improvement.

SL roadster in initial versions will have same ryadny "six", as SLK (capacities will make 365 and 435 h.p.), and as the following step the new unit V8 4.0 from AMG GT compartment is planned. Only capacity at "card" will make higher — 571 h.p. Engineers will provide under SL cowl a stock of space and for the V12 motor, but whether will offer it eventually — is not solved yet. But both SLK, and SL will receive a full drive in the form of an option. Let’s add that the successor SLK (R 173 model) will be shown in 2019, and in sale will arrive in the 2020th. The following SL (R 232) will appear before public in the 2020th, and to a series will go in 2021.

By the way, in present family SL — replenishment: the SL 400 version with the unit V6 3.0, earlier presented on sedan Е 400. The motor with direct injection and two turbokompressor came in the stead of "atmosfernik" V6 3.5. The new engine develops 333 h.p. and 480 N • m, and it on 27 "horses" and on 110 "newtons" more than at the predecessor. From scratch to one hundred SL 400 it is dispersed for 5,2 pages. The price in Germany — 97 283 euros.