Superdlinnobazny Mercedes S-class remains Maybakh

In 2012 without a special sensation on rest Germans sent the Maybach brand which revived ten years before. But demand appeared is not so great, as assumed in Daimler concern and crisis of 2008 has no by the way, as a result production of bonus sedans was decided to curtail. And now it became known that the name Maybach will be used again.

It should be noted that not the Maybach brand, in fact, failed, and the product appeared unsuccessful. Therefore it is quite logical that in concern decided not to refuse Maybach brand, after all considerable money is spent for its promotion. It is interesting also, whether there are privileges which were available to buyers Maybakhov, namely the personal manager and an expanded guarantee earlier?

And, it is necessary to tell, to destination. Those Maybakhi who were issued recently, in fact, after all and were magnificent versions of a leader of Mercedes S-class. In spite of the fact that they enough considerably differed outwardly from Mercedes, from the technological point of view it there were same "es-classes". To give out cars for absolutely others it appeared not the best idea, and to overpay only for brand people appeared are not ready. Now everything rose on the places.

At the beginning of the 2000th in the Daimler company, in fact, decided to copy history. All of us knew about two founders of the company — Gottlieb Daymlera and Charles Benz. But here remembered and about one participant — Wilhelm Maybakh. As it became clear, unfairly forgotten. To pay tribute to one of founding fathers of concern solved creation of the subbrand with the same name which is engaged in release of magnificent cars.

According to the Automotive news edition, the top dlinnobazny version of Mercedes of a S-class in a body of W222 will be called not as Pullman as it was in case of the previous generations, and Maybach. Thus it will be simple a prefix in the name, and on a cowl still there will be a firm three-beam star. It is expected that this car will go on sale in Europe already by the end of this year.