The Mercedes E 350 BlueTec model received machine gun – a nine-mortar

The N edavno the updated E-class continues to change. Germans declared that diesel updating of E 350 BlueTec (250 h.p.) from now on "lost" an automatic transmission 7G-Tronic instead of which latest "machine gun" 9G-Tronic will be put now. Addition of two steps did not affect passport dynamics (0–100 km/h for 6,6 c), but were reflected in fuel consumption in the combined cycle. It was reduced with 5,5 to 5,3 l/100 of km. Emissions of carbon dioxide of this model fell with 144 to 138 g/km. It is interesting that reduction of an average expense was reached at the expense of a city component (falling with 6,9 to 6,4 l/100 of km here is noted) whereas the nominal expense on the highway at the E 350 BlueTec version did not exchange (4,7 l/100 of km).

The three-liter turbodiesel of V6 together with a new nine-step box received start/stop system. Let’s remind, by the way, that introduction of nine-step "machine guns" also waits in the future cars of the Land Rover, Chrysler, GM and Ford companies. And the Hyundai firm works over "machine gun" about 10 transfers.

Within efforts on improvement of indicators of fuel consumption the company also declared that deprives E 220 BlueEfficiency Edition updating (170 h.p.) six-step "mechanics". Its place will occupy now "machine gun" 7G-Tronic. This replacement reduced an expense of this version of an E-class with 5,5 to 5,4 l/100 of km, and still allowed to retrain model from standards of toxicity of Euro-5 for Euro-6. At last, in a line of an E-class the option on natural gas — E 200 NGD is added. It is equipped with the four-cylinder two-liter motor (156 h.p., 270 N • м), the methane calculated on a food and gasoline (the unit is borrowed at компактвэна a B-class). The consumption of methane in the mixed cycle at such car makes 4,3 kg/100 of km.