New Mercedes S-class remains at peak of progress

To azhdy new generation of Mercedes of a S-class wait with a sinking heart. The representation model with a three-beam star at various times always was on a progress edge. On a S-class debuted such things, as system of dynamic stabilization, technology of preventive safety of Pre-Safe and seat belts with prednatyazhitel, and still options: adaptive cruise control with the stop & go function, active ventilation of seats and besklyuchevy access to salon. And than Germans will surprise us next year when debuts new Mercedes S-class?

Work of various systems is fulfilled on a super-power simulator which is added with a dvenadtsatimetrovy rail for imitation of longitudinal and cross-section accelerations.

Let’s begin with the small. The future sedan will not be equipped at all with lamps — all optics will be light-emitting diode, since a base complete set. And as an option systems of intellectual management of near and far light — Intelligent Light System and Adaptive Highbeam Assist PLUS will be available. It should be noted, on model debut clever stoplights: their brightness will be automatically adjusted depending on time of day, weather and traffic conditions. For example, at night and during a stop on a traffic light brightness will be diminished.

The radar cruise control added with the Steering Assist function, can not only disperse and brake now the car, but also hold it within a strip. The phrase «To arrive home on the autopilot» will find soon new sense.

As always, the list of systems of active safety is rich. The technology of emergency braking of BAS Plus is added with the Cross-Traffic Assist function helping the car to see transport coming nearer at intersections and pedestrians and automatically to brake (predicted decrease in breakdown rate — for 27 %). Powers of system of preventive safety also extended. For example, Pre-Safe Brake helps to stop the car on speeds to 50 km/h at detection of the pedestrian in front of car, and Pre-Safe Plus prepares a sedan for collision behind, helping to stop the car after the first blow.