In the Mercedes-Benz company hinted at the GLS Coupe


In the itse-president of Mercedes-Benz firm on crossovers and SUVs Wolf-Dieter Kurts in interview to the CarAdvice edition told about possible expansion of GLS family (so according to new system of indexes the GL model after restyling will be called). In aspiration to capture as much as possible niches the company studies creation prospects already in present generation of the GLS Coupe model.

Restyling will bring to the GLS SUV the corrected interior with new multimedia system and acting central display (as at GLE).

The GLS Coupe model with more sports character and more effective shape successfully would add younger colleagues of GLE Coupe and GLC Coupe. And here GLA Coupe, most likely, on light will not appear at all. According to Kurts, in such car it would be too close on the second row. When recutting big "dzhi-ale" of this problem will not arise.

Behind lamps and a bumper will exchange. The equipment and motors will undergo adjustment.

Discuss in the companies and the Mercedes-Maybach GLS version which will differ from simple GLS not only magnificent furnish, but also the stretched wheel base. Some heads of brand consider that such updating should be let out in the following generation of the SUV. However, considering presence in the market of "British" of Range Rover LWB, Kurts did not exclude emergence of dlinnobazny GLS even in present generation.

About new Mercedes E-class we know already much. One more stroke to a portrait — the front bumper bared in fresh espionage pictures with a wide air inlet.

And one more curious thing was mentioned by Kurts. In 2013 the company curtailed release of an open variation of a G-class because of low demand. Now mersedesovets think again to add in a model range a cabriolet SUV. And not the fact that on the basis of Gelendvagen. It is necessary to decide on a market niche and potential popularity of such car more precisely only. Wolf-Dieter explained that Mercedes will attentively trace reaction of the market to a fast exit of the Range Rover Evoque Convertible model.