The Mercedes F 015 robot showed to passengers the virtual world

About beshchanny Mercedes completely independent device debuted at the beginning of a year at CES electronics exhibition in Las Vegas, and today got and on an auto show in Detroit. The concept of F 015 Luxury in Motion looks very strange. Visibility in classical understanding here, seemingly, the minimum. But thereby the car also draws attention to key idea: a pilotless mode here the main, four inhabitants sit the person to each other in convenient chaise lounges. To services of passengers — an abyss of electronic means of communication and entertainments. Well and a usual piloted mode — only auxiliary. If it is required, the driver can develop a chair in traditional situation, the person forward, and to extend from a priborka a steering wheel.

Absent averages of a rack guarantee easy access to spacious salon, and doors open at an angle 90 degrees, and chairs are automatically developed outside on 30 degrees. Back and forward doors can be opened independently in any order. For the sake of such trick for back shutters special double loops were created. Access to the car — exclusively "digital": the car distinguishes any mobile device of the owner (the smartphone or a tablet), plows up before it a door and allows this person to activate the main functions.

In the conditions of a usual traffic the company already checked independent movement on an experimental sedan of S 500 Intelligent Drive in 2013. Now the attention of developers was involved by problems of interaction of the car robot with her inhabitants and the outside world.

In total in salon six touch screens, forming a digital drawing room (including — the mobile display little table in the center of salon and the monitor between back chairs) are placed.

F 015 sees to engineers the partner and the assistant to the person. The car scans a situation by means of a radar, stereocameras and ultrasonic sensors and makes decisions in these or those situations. If necessary he pays attention of people to objects outside (pedestrians or vehicles). About approach to turn or readiness for evolution the car warns blinking light signals in salon.

The information and entertaining system reads out gestures, and the central screen on the forward console — also the direction of a look of the driver. A choice of a route, contacts, music, films, sites, appendices for work… All this is on finger-tips.

The projective display on a windshield of conceptual Mercedes can deduce objective focused information (free little tables at restaurants, playbills, empty seats on a parking). On lateral screens the simplified digital model of a landscape synchronized with a real situation (mountains in the distance, liftings and descents, the coastline) is deduced. Together with imposing of other data and the mobile mixed "points" symbolizing information around, it should create feeling of moving through the digital Universe.

The concept is able to address and to the outside world. The set of light-emitting diode strips on its body by means of fires of different color shows that the car is ready to get under way or is slowed down. For drivers of cars going by a trace inscriptions (for example, "stop", «slow movement») are deduced. The same light-emitting diode blocks change coloring depending on a mode (independent or operated by the driver).

Our forecast of rather power plant did not come true. The show car appeared on fuel elements. In its basis the stuffing of a hydrogen concept of F125 laid down! 2011, but perekroyenny. Lithium buffer battery here the simply huge: 29 kW • h or on 200 km of a course. It is charged in the contactless way. 900 more km hydrogen (provides it onboard — 5,4 kg). Total 1100 km without filling in the cycle NEDC. Pair of electric motors on a back axis in peak capacity of 136 h.p. everyone 400 N • give out also m of a total torque. It suffices to gain from scratch one hundred for 6,7 with and to reach a maksimalka in 200 km/h.

Is here and the laser projector deducing before the standing on the roadside person a virtual zebra (thus the car stops and a voice invites the pedestrian to cross the road). When braking the projector shows a predicted point of a stop on the road.

The target capacity of the traction accumulator makes 80 kW, the block of fuel elements — 120 kW. In the sum it is 200 kW or 272 "horses" that exactly covers peak return of motors. Let’s remind, the predecessor of F125! was all-wheel drive with four electric motors (on one on a wheel). Here only the back drive is left. But in podkapotny space the place for the large traction accumulator was released.

Concept body — a combination high-strength staly, aluminum and several grades of the reinforced plastic, including carbon fiber panels. The framework of safety is calculated on reliably to protect at blow not only people, but also the narrow extended cylinders with the hydrogen, integrated into a floor.

Germans argue that their child can be programmed on place search for parking or to send it empty in a certain point of the city — to take away someone. «One of the most important luxury goods in the XXI century — personal space and time — is told by Dieter Zetsche, the chairman of Daimler AG and head of Mercedes-Benz Cars. — Independent Mercedes-Benz cars should offer it». And similar intellectual devices in the urbanized world «after 2030» see to Germans as an organic element of infrastructure of megalopolises, as the characters dividing with people not only real, but also virtual space.