The new sedan of Mercedes-Benz of a S-class

is officially shown

In Hamburg the long-awaited official presentation of the next generation of a flagman sedan of Mercedes S-class took place. Some hours prior to presentation chetyryokhdverka photos got to the Network, and also the part of information, however final data nevertheless managed to be kept in secret. New generation of a S-class was developed for the first time initially as the dlinnobazny car, and for the korotkobazny version a platform truncated. For this reason many specifications currently belong to long versions.

At length Mercedes S-class sedan totals now 5116 mm, and the Long version — on 13 cm is more. At width — 1899 mm, and in height — 1491 mm. The S 400 version weighs 1945 kg, slightly heavier diesel sedan of S of 350 — 1975 kg, and S of 500 — 2015 kg.

The new S-class is constructed on absolutely new platform. Cardinal changes were required because of increased amount of aluminum in a machine design. In particular, almost all body is made of «winged metal». It However, affected not so much weight (it decreased approximately by 100 kg, and rigidity of a body grew by 50 %), how many on quantity of technological frills by which the leader of brand is stuffed. And with them founders did not stint.

The sedan with the diesel motor under a cowl reaches 100 km/h for 6,8 with, the same figures appear in passport data of the hybrid S 400 version. Updating of S 500 leaves five seconds with an indicator of 4,8 pages. The factor of front resistance at ready cars makes 0,24, and at the diesel hybrid which has not left still — 0,23.

Judge: top Mercedes of a S-class can independently move in jams, stopping, getting under way and following vperediidushchy car; the active suspension bracket here is stuck with a stereocamera in the Magic Body Control complex and is able to be arranged in advance under a situation if the car saw roughness on the road; the system of night vision is able to distinguish now not only people, but also animals, and also is trained to highlight an obstacle light of headlights for what in them the special section is intended. By the way, about light: a new S-class — the first-ever car in which there is in general no filament lamp. All illumination of salon, headlight and lamps light-emitting diode.

Interior photos already got to the Network therefore revelation the magnificent internal furniture of a flagman sedan did not become. The salon of the car is shined by 300 light-emitting diodes. There is a heating of armrests. All functions of the car can be operated by means of the special annex on the smartphone.

Thanks to the increased dimensions in the car there was more empty seat. The increase approximately is equally distributed between forward and back ranks. In front also massage chairs can be behind established, and in dlinnobazny versions of a back of back seats can lean back back on 43,5 degrees. In an armrest between back chairs there are sliding little tables.

First to buyers will offer three updatings — for all tastes. Among them diesel with the three-liter V6 engine in capacity of 258 h.p. (620 N • м), petrol with V8 4.7, giving-out 455 forces (700 N • м), and hybrid with total return of the power plant in 306 "horses" (370 N • м). Later this year will join them a diesel hybrid of S 400, and in the 2014th on the market there is a powerful version from AMG and the most economic in a ruler S 500 Plug-in Hybrid updating, its average expense in the mixed cycle will be less than 4 l on 100 km, and emissions of carbon dioxide promise to be less than 75 g/km.

Light-emitting diode lamps are equipped with automatic brightness control that in a night-time not to stick together stoplights of drivers moving behind cars.

In Europe the prices for base "short" S 350 BlueTEC begin with a mark of 79 789 euros, the dlinnobazny version will cost 85 323 euros. The sedan of S 400 will cost €85 204 or €91 094, depending on wheel base, and updating of S 500 is estimated at €104 601 and €107 635 respectively. After presentation Dieter Zetsche told that ambitious plans on creation of such sedan of a S-class, in particular, became the cause to close Maybach brand. Having seen the turned-out car alive and having sat inside, it is very difficult to argue with validity of this decision.

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