The office of Mercedes-AMG will create the 12-cylinder supercar

П роводив on rest the SLS AMG supercar, mersedesovets deduced to the public very capable sport car of Mercedes-AMG GT on the same platform. But it did not become direct replacement to the veteran as it appeared it is less, weaker and cheaper, that is played already in other league. We said last year that GT S does not remain top model of office. Now insiders from the Austrian representative office confirmed: work on the new supercar goes with might and main. And it will be the fastest Mercedes, and a hybrid.

If on a compartment of SLS AMG Black Series "eight" 6.2 gave out 631 h.p. and 635 N • to m, at a new leader of office of AMG with the capacity and draft V12 motor for certain will be not less. Here already it is quite possible to compare it to such models, as LaFerrari c 963 hybrid "horses".

Important point: the company works over the new V12 engine. Details while are not present. Simply it is possible to present such unit as two combined ryadny "six" 3.0 of a new modular series which debuts on the following E-class soon. Will supplement DVS the electromotor and the block of lithium-ion batteries. Here, of course, it is useful to founders of the car experience with electric SLS option. By the way, on the following supercar as we already mentioned, type doors «a wing of a seagull» will return.

We would not exclude that the supercar from Mercedes-AMG can appear srednemotorny. Germans already put such experiments. Let’s remember a concept of C112 1991 years. Behind backs of seats it established the motor V12 6.0 developing 408 h.p.

Will appear at Mercedes and purely electric top model with a large supply of a course and solid capacity. Thomas Weber, head of Mercedes-Benz of development, specified one of these days that future competitor of Tesla will be «unique, emotional, distinct from ordinary cars». That is speech really goes about an electromobile created from scratch, instead of being updating of already available model. It can borrow a number of aerodynamic shifts recently shown concept of IAA. Alas, a novelty it is necessary to wait decent time: the serial version will be shown only in 2018.