The Mercedes me service will facilitate life of car owners

Nude producers already provided to m various multifunctional services for simplification of life of clients. Volvo have On Call, at BMW — ConnectedDrive. There will be the and at Mercedes under the name Mercedes me. In fact new shtutgartets did not offer anything, and aggregated all earlier available functions and appendices. A symbol of new service — an umbrella, and under it five vectors.

Many services were provided and earlier, simply now everything collected in one appendix which, by the way, plan to develop and finish.

Mercedes me includes five tabs: Move me — will allow the owners of Mercedes who even have appeared without the car, to find to itself transport. It is fast access to car2go or myTaxi. Connect me and Assist me will help to contact operatively managers on service or with insurance company for the solution of the arisen questions, and also instantly to receive service «The help on roads».

Mercedes me introduction — the first step in implementation of the global concept «Mercedes-Benz 2020 — Best Customer Experience». In six years the virtual space becomes an integral part of life of car owners.

On a page of Finance me there are last data on special actions on cars and about credit conditions, well and the Inspire me tab will redirect you on a page where you can leave any wishes and offers to automaker. The Mercedes me service will be available both to owners of Mercedes, and for owners Maybakhov and Smarts. The mobile appendix working at devices on the basis of iOS and Android, can already use and Russians.