German journalists bared Mercedes C-class


About fitsialny presentation of a new compartment of Mercedes C-class will take place in the middle of September on the motor show in Frankfurt. Still at our disposal there were only espionage pictures of the car. Appearance of a dvukhdverka was opened by the German Autobild edition. However, before us nevertheless not photos, and illustrations. Apparently, the father-in-law at colleagues was visited by the camouflaged compartment which they in the material pushed off Mustang with Ford, however then art editors "undressed" Mercedes and on court of the audience exposed the vision of "tseshka" without a camouflage film.

Behind optics — absolutely another, rather than at a sedan. Stylistically the novelty reminds a flagman compartment of Mercedes S-class.

Most likely, German illustrators are close to truth though some flaws in their pictures are visible with open years. As to technical details, here clarity has more. The motor scale of two-door updating will be identical to that that is available to a C-class sedan. At "charged" Mercedes-AMG version C of 63 Coupe in new generation instead of "atmosfernik" V8 6.2 will be four-liter "turbovosmyorka" from Mercedes-AMG GT compartment.