Charged G 63 AMG and G 65 AMG

Mercedes are declassified

With ovsy recently Germans declassified the updated Mercedes G-class SUV. The car received a minimum of changes in appearance, and completely processed interior became the main sensation. Now there was information that on the motor show to Beijing there will arrive at once two top updatings of a restyling polnoprivodnik — G 63 AMG and 65 AMG.

Mercedes G 63 AMG will be on sale not in all markets. But in Europe, Russia, China and the countries of the Middle East it will realize. The prices for a novelty in Germany begin with a mark in 137 500 euros.

The G 63 AMG version will come in the stead of out-of-date Mercedes G 55 AMG. Under a novelty cowl — the V8 engine with two turbokompressor, giving-out 544 h.p. and 760 N • draft m (former could brag of capacity of 507 forces). It works together with seven-band "machine gun". With new "heart" under a cowl the SUV can exchange one hundred for 5,4 with, and the maximum speed is limited to electronics on a mark of 210 km/h.

In comparison with the standard SUV it is a little changes in an interior. An instrument guard with da’s AMG logo ugleplastikovy furnish of the central tunnel. Seats also received шильдики with the version name.

It seems to you, what and there is a lot of it for the 2,5-ton car? As though not so. Germans were not limited to the G 63 AMG version and prepared also mad G 65 AMG. It is given in movement by the V12 engine in capacity of 612 h.p. and 1000 N • draft m. It is required to such polnoprivodnik only 5,3 with for dispersal to 100 km/h. The limit of the maximum speed is also increased — to 230 km/h. Prices for Mercedes G 65 AMG in general the transcendental: from 264 180 euros in Germany.

The official roller will give the chance to consider the new sport SUV in all its aspects.

Was — became