Mercedes E 63 AMG cars got a full drive

In the EC the world got used that the car of AMG family happens only rear-wheel, and the full drive is available only to crossovers and SUVs from Affalterbakh. Destroyed this representation the updated Mercedes E 63 AMG which world premiere will take place on the Detroit motor show in the middle of January, 2013. From now on these "charged" sedans and versatile persons it is possible to buy both in rear-wheel execution, and in the all-wheel drive. And it not unique news.

Depending on the version fuel consumption in the mixed cycle varies from 9,8 to 10,5 l of gasoline on 100 km. By the way, all updatings are equipped with elektronnoupravlyaemy shock-absorbers with three operating modes.

To clients also will offer two updatings on a choice depending on motor V8 5.5 return with two turbokompressor. Standard develops 557 forces and 720 N • m (before there were 700 N • м), and the E 63 AMG S version — 585 and 800 respectively (pressure of pressurization — with 0,9 to 1 bar is increased). "Eska" — replacement to a package of completions of AMG Performance which now allocated in separate execution. In both cases motors work together with seven-step "automatic machine", and for both versions as an option all-wheel drive systems with moment distribution in the ratio 33/67 in favor of a stern are available.

Base E 63 AMG is initially not bad equipped — various systems of safety, leather furnish of an interior, a multimedia complex, diode head lighting engineering. However, for example, it is necessary to pay extra for an audiosystem of Bang & Olufsen and karbonokeramichesky brakes.

Ordinary E 63 AMG Mercedes after modernization in respect of settings of a suspension bracket and a steering did not change, and here S-updating, judging by official data, differs from standard "sixty third" recustomized elastokinematiky suspension brackets and more informative рулём. Also already in base equipment zadneprivodny E 63 AMG S is completed with differential blocking, and instead of 18-inch cast wheels there are 19-inch. Sales of E 63 AMG Mercedes with a drive on a back axis will begin in April, 2013, and all-wheel drive cars with S updating — in June.