The sedan of Mercedes-Benz S 63 AMG was

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The t еперь can be compared render to official pictures: Germans opened all these S 63 AMG models. The car will be issued in three versions: rear-wheel korotkobazny option — S 63 AMG Short wheelbase, with the increased base — S 63 AMG Long wheelbase (only as right-hand drive model) and as the main delicacy — in all-wheel drive execution of S 63 AMG 4MATIC Long wheelbase. In all cases the motor one: AMG 5.5 V8 biturbo with direct injection and productivity in 585 h.p. and 900 N • m.

With the motor the automatic seven-step transmission of AMG Speedshift MCT is combined with three modes (Controlled Efficiency, Sport and Manual). In the first transmission is focused on comfort and profitability (in it the start/stop function also is activated), and the second two, obviously, allow to achieve from the car of the maximum return.

In the all-wheel drive version of a sedan of 33 % of draft goes on a forward axis and 67 % — on back. The transfer case which is selecting capacity on a forward axis, here is integrated into the main transmission, in many respects because of it the increase in weight of all-wheel drive transmission in comparison with transmission rear-wheel made only 70 kg.

From scratch to hundred kilometers per hour both rear-wheel versions are dispersed equally: for 4,4 with, and here the all-wheel drive option is more bright — Maksimalk’s 4,0 pages in all cases is limited to electronics on 250 km/h traditional already. Shorter chetyryokhdverka of 1970 kg, and her long "sister" — 1995 kg weighs. Average fuel consumption makes 10,1 l/100 of km at two rear-wheel updatings and 10,3 l/100 of km at all-wheel drive «фирматика». By the way, as we spoke earlier, in Russia S 63 AMG will appear only in all-wheel drive option for 6 900 000 rubles.

The new sedan of S 63 AMG left on centner easier than the predecessor. Helped with it not only a new body (with a forward part and a roof from an aluminum alloy), but also shod light-alloy rims (19 inches by default, 20 inches for surcharge), compound brake disks from карбонокерамики and the lithium-ion battery as starterny (instead of usual lead-acid) which "knocked off" from total weight of a sedan of 20 kg. The company argues that S 63 AMG — the first mass car with such starterny battery. Even for запаски Germans altered a niche: it here is cut out from a carbon fiber composite that helped to dump 4 more kg.

The exhaust system of S 63 AMG is equipped with valves in both exhaust silencers. They are switched. In a comfortable mode of transmission they remain closed in the majority of situations, in this case the sound of the engine is muffled more strongly, and in sports and manual modes of a transmission valves in an exhaust system open earlier, allowing to escape outside to juicy roar of "eight".

Sports seats of AMG with memory, a steering wheel of AMG, the punched skin, an original analog watch with the handwork case, шильдики, slips, a stamping, the changed menus and apportions of virtual devices — S 63 AMG sedan, of course, and inside differs from initial model.

The all-wheel drive sedan is equipped with an adaptive pneumatic suspension bracket of AMG Ride Control. It can be switched manually between a comfortable and sports mode, but also, continuously arranges damping parameters, and (and it is an innovation) independently selects efforts on compression and a release. S 63 AMG also received thicker stabilizers of cross-section stability and more rigid forward stretcher. It is interesting also that on S 63 AMG with a back drive the office of AMG put the sports suspension bracket based on a suspension bracket of Magic Body Control from usual «эски». Let’s remind, it scans the road in front of car beforehand to choose the parameters of work. It only some parts of a S-class which experts of AMG touched. It is necessary to add only — the public premiere of the S 63 AMG model and an exit of a sedan to the market are planned for September of this year.

Sedan which before general public will appear in Frankfurt, Germans call «huge jump forward» in respect of dynamics, not least because of a full drive. At the same time founders of the car emphasize more than once: the car became not only is more powerful (more than on forty "horses"), but also at the same time is more economic (on the average on 0,4 l/100 of km), in comparison with the predecessor.