New Mercedes-Benz of a V-class expanded a range of application

П to a remyer of a new minivan of Mercedes-Benz of a V-class we expected not earlier Geneva the motor show. But in Stuttgart appeared not such patient. At first to us showed salon, then — a headlight, and now and all car entirely. Having become more, more technologically, more cozy and allegedly more comfortably, the car is urged to answer inquiries of the most wide range of clients. From family people to athletes, from hotels to business owners. It actually replaces with itself(himself) at once two cars — Viano, and a R-class.

The movable door enters into a standard complete set on the right side of the car, but for an additional payment same it is possible to establish and at the left, and having paid in addition still — to equip all this, and a trunk lid in addition, the electric drive. Car height — 1,88 m so on underground parkings it is possible to call in fearlessly.

From the point of view of appearance, an interior and equipment new V-class — it not the step, is a threefold jump forward, and worthy the Olympic Games. If the design of last generation was, to put it mildly, boring, a minivan created in new corporate stylistics, it is possible to admire. If gray plastic and monochrome displays, now an interior reigned in the previous car differently as internal furniture will not call. Skin, tree, aluminum, elaborate architecture. If to the person to blindfold, set in the car and only then to remove a bandage — the successor of Viano it hardly learns.

V-class interior — qualitatively new level among "colleagues" on passenger-and-freight shop. The varnished tree, skin on chairs and кожзам on the forward panel, тачпад, distinguishing gestures, background illumination — to carry in such salon it is terrible not only cargoes, but also especially playful children.

In the car it is enough technical innovations for the small book. Attention the new suspension bracket with the recustomized geometry, cross-section stabilizers of bigger thickness and, the main thing, frequency-dependent shock-absorbers first of all attracts. Rigidity of the last directly depends on nature of movement, at rectilinear they are most weakened, but when maneuvering, especially fast, become more rigid. Considering that the V-class marks at the audience released after leaving of very comfortable R-class, it is a logical course.

At Mercedes of a V-class is a little not the options most habitual for a segment — the sports mode of transmission changing the moment of gear shifting and a response to gas, and also the sports suspension bracket underestimated by 15 mm and supplied with more rigid springs and shock-absorbers.

Mercedes of a V-class needs to be picked up under any need. It is available with two wheel bases on a choice (3200–3430). And the length of the car can make 4895, 5140 or 5370 mm. In a standard complete set six-seater, but quantity of chairs it is possible how to increase salon, having established instead of separate chairs sofas, and to reduce, having cleaned unnecessary seats. To quality of an option rotary chairs of the driver and the forward passenger which can rotate on 50 ° outside and on 180 ° inside are offered — usually such happens on concepts.

In the equipment list the new V-class has a help system at a parking and at departure from a parking, adaptive cruise control, the adaptive steering, capable impulses of the electromotor to extinguish parasitic vibrations and to help the driver to compensate a lateral bias or a wind. Plus to it an extensive set of means of active and passive safety. A V-class even unilateral roads to distinguish it is trained.

The motor is necessary to a V-class one — a four-cylinder turbodiesel in volume of 2,1 l. But depending on the car version it gives out 136, 163 or 190 h.p. Base cars are equipped with six-step "mechanics" with the transfer numbers adjusted on economy. As an option on versions 200 CDI and 220 CDI "machine gun" 7G-Tronic Plus is available, it enters into standard equipment of model V 250 CDI. At the moment of start of sales which in Russia will take place in July, 2014, also limited Edition 1 version with a wide set of additional ukrashatelstvo and options will be available. The Russian prices yet are not called, but in representative office say that they will be though above, than on the previous generation, but not much more. In Europe for base Mercedes V-class will ask at least 42 900 euros.

The firm video will help you to consider V-class Mercedes-Benz in all its aspects.