Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 S Coupe will not concede in speed to competitors

The g a lava of office of Mercedes-AMG Tobias Myors admitted that it and his team see huge potential in a segment of compartment crossovers. For certain these words raised indulgent smiles at colleagues from M-office of the BMW company which based this class in 2007. But this already last. The present is as follows: to usual BMW X6 appointed the worthy competitor in the person of Mercedes GLE Coupe pyatidverka. Now the opponent appeared and at the "charged" crossover of BMW X6 M — shown on motor show in Detroit Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 S Coupe. And these two German cars are similar at each other not only appearance.

Unlike BMW X6 M the parketnik of GLE 63 S Coupe is not equipped with an active back reducer even for surcharge. Such things as to us spoke, are not combined with ideology of Mercedes.

Let’s glance under aluminum cowls? Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 AMG S Coupe, as well as BMW X6 M, is equipped with the V-shaped eight-cylinder engine with two turbokompressor. Despite much different working volume (5,5 l at Mercedes against 4,4 l at BMW), return of motors the similar: the model from Affalterbakh gives out 585 forces and 760 N • m, and a compartment crossover from Munich — 575 "horses" and the 750th newton-meters. Both cars gain the first hundred later 4,2 with the ambassador of start, and their maximum speed is limited to electronics on 250 km/h. Near such titans Porsche Cayenne Turbo with the already unimpressive 520 forces and 4,5 with will retire to the background even at spurt to 100 km/h.

For preventive system of safety, navigation, an audiosystem of Harman/Kardon, the chamber of the circular review, forward seats with the electric drive, heating and ventilation, it will not be necessary to pay extra light-emitting diode head light and the electric drive of a door of a luggage carrier.

Under abilities of "eight" to a crossover of GLE 63 S Coupe tightened also the chassis. The pneumosuspension bracket and adaptive shock-absorbers enter into a base complete set recustomized on a sports harmony a steering with the progressive characteristic. The Active Curve System system including active stabilizers of cross-section stability with hydrolocks fights against lists. A drive — constant full with draft distribution on axes in the ratio 40:60 (at usual GLE the symmetric scheme). The power unit, transmission and a suspension bracket are incorporated in a mekhatronny complex with five operating modes. By means of a rotary washer it is possible to change degree of a response to an accelerator, speed of change of ranges of a transmission and rigidity of a running gear.

Brake disks in diameter of 390 mm in front and 345 mm behind are included into the list of the initial equipment, but skating rinks with tires dimension of 285/40 R22 in front and 325/35 R22 behind — an option.

However, despite a menacing look and high-speed data, Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 S Coupe is not a sport car, and represents a prestigious crossover for the provided people. And they sometimes would like not only to drive, as if last time, but also to use all benefits of a civilization. For this purpose in the list of equipment there are light-emitting diode headlights, lots of systems of active and passive safety, a multimedia complex with navigation and chambers of the circular review, Bang & Olufsen BeoSound audiosystem, multiplanimetric forward chairs with heating and ventilation, a panoramic roof, interior furnish by skin, alkantary and inserts from metal, a tree or углепластика. Allegedly, Americans can order the "charged" compartment crossover at the beginning of summer of 2015, and Europeans and Chinese will acquire this right a bit later.