All details about new generation of Mercedes GL

became known

And a nformatsiya about new generation of the Mercedes GL SUV Germans did not save to an official premiere. Before term car photos got to the Network. According to images it became clear that in the Mercedes company seriously worked over the huge rascal — the car managed strongly changed external shape, and an interior — so in general new. But one pictures was, certainly, insufficiently, after all the SUV underwent modernization and from the technical point of view. Which, it became known just now.

As an option the pneumosuspension bracket, and also the packages of safety including a rear-view camera, system of tracking a lane and control of dead zones are available.

On what it is necessary to pay attention first of all — the new generation of the Mercedes GL SUV in comparison with the predecessor grew up: now overall dimensions of model make 5120 mm at length, 2141 at width and 1850 in height. The wheel base of a polnoprivodnik thus remained former.

From a zero to 97 km/h the most powerful polnoprivodnik of Mercedes GL 550 can be dispersed for only 5,5 pages.

Besides, the car grew thin already for 100 kgs. Weight reduction Germans achieved that suspension bracket elements, wings and a cowl are executed now from aluminum. In addition the SUV threw off weight thanks to a new windshield, the electroamplifier of a wheel, and also magnesian fastenings of the forward panel.

Doubtless advantage of a novelty before the predecessor — an interior which underwent essential changes.

As to motor scale, it will consist of two engines — petrol the twin turbo in volume of 4,7 l and a three-liter diesel engine of V6. GL 450 first in updating gives out 362 h.p., in GL version of 550 — 429 forces. The motor on heavy fuel can brag of capacity in 240 "horses". Sales of new generation of the Mercedes GL SUV will begin autumn of this year in the USA.