Mercedes G-Code anticipated release of a subcompact crossover

Within opening of the new technical center of Mercedes in Beijing the presentation of very unusual concept under the name G-Code took place. The car is really stuffed with technological novelties. On the overall dimensions the show car is less than GLA. Apparently, Germans prepare a crossover which will rise on a step below the GLA model for release.

G-Code on 317 mm is shorter (4100), on 96 mm is wider (1900) and on 6 mm (1500) GLA — most compact of nowadays existing crossovers of the Mercedes brand are higher.

Appearance of the Mercedes G-Code show car is far from shape of the serial car. The car is given in movement by absolutely new power plant. It consists of a turbomotor (works at hydrogen), rotating a forward axis, and the electric motors actuating a back axis. The driver can choose, what motor to involve, so the crossover is capable to be front, back and all-wheel drive. The power plant is aggregated with "robot".

Cалон of a four-seater concept is filled with the synthesized oxygen, in a luggage carrier it is possible to charge two electroscooters, and instead of mirrors chambers are established.

On it the innovations applied in a concept, do not come to an end. The special galvanic covering is put on a body, capable to accumulate solar and electrostatic energy (from a running stream of air). Also the G-Code show car is able to collect the energy received from work of springs and shock-absorbers of suspension brackets. Ignition can be included from the smartphone, and seats are arranged under the horseman thanks to 3D-scanners. Certainly, in a series the producer does not call any terms of start of the car.

Mersedesovtsa removed very effective roller devoted to a new concept.