The AMG Driving Academy

school came to Russia with roar

At friction the fog slightly disperses a low-frequency basovity sound of cars working at single turns. And as if the earth goes a small shiver. And an instant later раздаётся the deafening thunder — is one of colleagues pressed through a pedal of an accelerator of the Mercedes SLS AMG supercar. Here with such soundtrack the school of driving of AMG Driving Academy walks on the world. The academy which has appeared in 2007 is presented in Europe, the USA, China and even in India, and since October 12 its work begins in Russia. The price of a base course — 50 thousand rubles.

At the left — the chief-instructor of school of driving of AMG Reynkhold Renger (the 1968th year of birth), behind which shoulders successful performances in the series Porsche Carrera Cup, Honda S2000 Cup, Nurburgring Endurance Championship, and also in daily marathons in Dubai and on the Nurnburgring. On the right — instructor Roland Rekhfeld (was born in 1977) who chased in various formular series, the championships ADAC GT Masters, VLN Endurance Championship and even in the cargo FIA European Truck Championship tournament.

One keeps within this sum, but quite eventful day spent on a track of Moscow Raceway. For a start chief-instructor Reynkhold Renger (only Germans will give classes) tells about driving elements — about the correct landing for рулём (hands in situation «Three and nine hours», the back of a chair costs vertically), about time of reaction of the person for the created situation on the road, about behavior of the car and physics laws. Well you listened to instructors or not, quickly enough it will become clear in practice.

The obstacle detour with braking was given to S 63 AMG Mercedes hardly, but it was necessary to a crossover of Mercedes ML of 63 AMG even more difficult. The system of stabilization of a vsedorozhnik «in a smoke» blocked an internal back wheel to avoid drift. And tendency to drift at Mercedes ML of 63 AMG enormous. Perhaps therefore the stabilization system at it is not disconnected?

Before leaving on the first site, the smiling instructor and professional racer Roland Rekhfeld approaches to each participant of action and estimates its landing for рулём. To everyone there are questions. Someone too strongly rejected a seat back, someone does not need to move a chair closer to a wheel. Especially attentively Roland looked, how the foot is strongly straightened at completely squeezed out pedal of a brake. The more the foot is bent in a knee, the smaller time is necessary for development of the maximum brake effort.

After each exercise the instructor brought together all and explained, where also what mistakes were allowed and as them to avoid. Morals of this fable such is — it is necessary to do everything quickly, but smoothly.

As aperitif — an obstacle detour with simultaneous braking. On a choice — Mercedes SLK 55 AMG, S 63 AMG, C 63 AMG, a roadster of SLS AMG, ML 63 AMG, E 63 AMG. I with the colleague managed a representation sedan. At first speed on an entrance in a corridor from cones — 50 km/h. Further an indicator finished to 80 km/h, then — to 100. After problems began. On 105 km/h many turned aside from the improvised obstacle not from the first, and on 110 km/h some at all did not manage to carry out a task. For example, me: for two attempts I could not fill two-ton hulk in a corridor, without having brought down cones. According to Roland, a problem that I started to work рулём upon crossing of a point of the beginning of braking. It was necessary to do it preventively.

Dirt on supercar sides — fighting. On this copy one of colleagues took off on a grass, having scattered it on a cloth. Sorvigolov did not help neither excellent brakes, nor improbable stability "es-el-esa" with a bend.

Afterwards according to the program there was a driving on a track on separately taken turn — an arch after the third bend from start on FIA configuration. Here Roland shared knowledge of driving on a track: told about advantages of a choice of the correct trajectory, what to open a throttle it is necessary only with direct wheels, and to brake — to an entrance in turn. Because of search with a speed in a bend one of crews fed Mercedes SLS AMG roadster a grass, having taken off out of track limits. Neither people, nor the car did not suffer.

With the disconnected system of stabilization to operate draft it is more convenient by cars with atmospheric motors, instead of with nadduvny (as at this sedan of CLS of 63 AMG). On cars 6.2 everything occurs to "atmosfernik" linearly, is predictable.

Then our group went on the improvised route with a damp covering where instructors allowed to try driving in various modes of system of stabilization. Surprisingly, but almost all subdued a sedan and a compartment of Mercedes C of 63 AMG. With completely disconnected "collar" they remain are subject to the driver — the star are given, as far as there can be friendly and clear so powerful rear-wheel cars. SLS AMG also was pleasant, but the supercar demands to itself special attention, and in habits резковат.

Fundamentally a sound at AMG cars identical — juicy, deep and rolling. But most of all the exhalation at C 63 AMG and, certainly, at SLS AMG dvukhdverka was pleasant. At a sound of the last there is so much rage that already goosebumps on a body…

Ending — quite fast driving on the truncated updating of the racing route. Roland on snow-white E 63 AMG Mercedes, behind it — we at the head spurs. Two circles — and change of the drivers, two more circles — change of cars. In such kaleidoscope brightly you understand differences of one AMG car from another. You like solidity of a roadster of SLS AMG, mutual understanding with Mercedes C of 63 AMG or you are afflicted to, as far as CLS of 63 AMG another’s on a track … Good there was a day.

Driving for a while passed on the interesting route, and for the brought-down cone gave five seconds of a penalty. On it I also lost, having shown for a while one minute eleven seconds. For comparison, expert Oleg Rastegayev from "Avtorevyu" won first place, having passed for seven seconds quicker.

The first training for clients of school of driving of AMG already passed — on October 13 and 14. The following action is expected only next year: from May to October of the 2013th it is planned to carry out four sessions. Whether clients will forget about Academy of driving of AMG for half a year? And whether it is necessary it is to the Russian owners of AMG cars who often go in tinted cars, keep a wheel one hand in situation «12 hours», having collapsed on a seat, and on weekend prefer to spend time in night clubs? Mersedesovtsa made secure — to be trained, unessentially to be the owner of AMG model.


Whether it is necessary to give for a base course of 50 thousand rubles? Yes I only for an infernalny AMG sound with pleasure would say goodbye to this sum!