The Mercedes firm will improve light-emitting diode headlights of Multibeam

The updated Mercedes CLS family edavno was presented to N. On this model for the first time debuted intellectual headlights of head light of Multibeam. Management of the block of the headlight consisting of 24 separately controllable light-emitting diodes, is entrusted the chamber which constantly monitors road a situation and signs. «Clever headlights» are able to regulate automatically intensity of light so that to shine everything that is necessary for the driver at present, but thus not to blind passers. However there is no limit to perfection, and Germans already improved this optics.

On new generation of Mercedes of an E-class which will be issued at the end of the next year, there will be advanced headlights of Multibeam in which will place 28 light-emitting diodes located in three ranks. Thus, their general quantity will make 84 pieces that will allow to direct a light stream more precisely. While about innovative system shtutgartets did not extend big details.