The mobile house on the basis of Mercedes of a V-class reached Russia

In August of last year the Mercedes company presented the special version of a minivan of a V-class under the name Marco Polo. The car represents no other than a mobile house. The converted V-class by default is equipped with two berths, kitchen set, a case for things and a mirror. Now this model can be ordered and in Russia. Minimum price вэна Marco Polo: 3 328 017 rubles for the version with 220 of CDI with the 136-strong diesel motor under a cowl.

In the kitchen module there is a box with a sliding table and two gas torches. The sink and the refrigerator are closed by shock-resistant glass. Two berths are provided: a being displayed sofa and a bed under a rising roof.

In addition the engine to the Russian buyers will offer also more powerful diesel engines which are giving out 163 and 190 h.p. This mobile house will be more expensive almost on 740 thousand usual V-class with the same motor. Execution of Marco Polo is available only for midsize вэнов in the length of 5140 mm, but there is still a "short" version in length of 4895 mm and dlinnobazny — 5370 mm. All-wheel drive updating of a V-class in our country is still inaccessible.