Updated Mercedes CLS will receive «clever headlights»

To an ompaniye of Mercedes extended the first official tizer of the restyling CLS model. The car in pictures is represented strictly a fullface. The modernized headlights of head light became the main innovation which is evident. At the same time with the photo bait Germans laid out all details about optics.

Judging by recent espionage pictures, behind differences from the prereform car will be on a minimum.

The Mercedes CLS family the first will receive new intellectual Multibeam optics. The block of a headlight will consist of 24 separately controllable light-emitting diodes. Management of lighting engineering is entrusted the chamber which constantly monitors road a situation and signs. Besides, in the help the navigation system in good time warning about the forthcoming turns and a roundabout will be connected also. «Clever headlights» automatically regulate intensity of light so that to shine everything that is necessary for the driver at present, but thus not to blind passers.